Ramadan: A month-long journey of Spiritual Purification

Ramadan: A month-long journey of Spiritual Purification

With the sighting of the crescent comes the affirmation of Ramadan, a month-long journey of Spiritual Purification, where Muslims all around the world adopt self-control over worldly desires. But while Ramadan is observed purely by Muslims, people all around the world have partaken in cleansing trends akin to Ramadan, more commonly termed as Ketosis, Detox and Intermittent Fasting. With this kind of Fasting comes an inverted regimen of holistic self-care - physical, spiritual and mental rejuvenation, a time where observers are reminded to take a step back from the fast paced plugged in culture we are so submerged in, and embrace the virtue of spiritual catharsis.

The considerable shift from typical eating patterns to exclusive nocturnal eating raises the common question of whether Muslims find hardship in abstinence or not. Naturally, like all other habits - the most difficult part is the first couple of days where the body is still adjusting to the pangs of hunger. The body enters power saving mode and borrows blood sugar stored in the liver, thus lowering the heart rate and blood pressure - where the basal metabolic rate or BMR uses less energy. A few days in, the body grows accustomed to its new routine and recoups the lost energy as it goes into Ketosis, a normal metabolic process that burns the stored body fat instead of sugar. While humans adapt to this new normal comes mental clarity, the shedding of toxins as the body cleanses the mind and soul. Ramadan fasting is also a means of recharging our spiritual batteries, rekindling and manifesting our relationship with God through prayer and praise, while re-instilling compassion. Our go-to prayer mats are the Sabr compact mats, ready to accompany you wherever you go. They’re traditionally inspired, modern and colourful mats that come in a compact travel pouch - always available on the move. These Sabr mats also come as part of the Sisterhood Gift Box, that come with empowerment cards, chiffon hijab and snag pins.

It is during this time of introspection and self-discipline that we are encouraged to resume our wellness practices, where yoga and meditation take precedence, while other types of exercise are slowly incorporated to build endurance - so grab a yoga mat from Dharma and I or Prickly Pear and start releasing your toxins! Did you know that gentle stretching exercises alleviate migraines and fatigue?

Switch your meditation practices up a notch by lighting up some aura cleansing candles like those from Qamar Wa Shams, stagers+ and The Lumiere Co or release aromatic fragrances with an Incense by Urban Artisan to arouse your sensory system while meditating, for the ultimate mood booster. By introducing these scents into our space, we take control of the energy of our mind.

Modest yet stylish fashion comes into light as trends have changed striking a balance between tradition and glamour. Ramadan has erupted a new type of dress code, fashionably modest - an attire most women eagerly anticipate as they prepare to style new Kaftans or Abayas to fit the style aesthetic. We opted for fashionably chic, with selections from Savannah Creations, ARSHYS, Carlo Carrizosa, SO by Sana Osmani, NinaLeuca, GAYA, TaNoura and Jessica K!

Fasting in Ramadan reaps feelings of happiness, peace of mind and spiritual satisfaction - a practice that instigates forgiveness, glorification, remembrance and worship, fostering mutual awareness and sympathy between people as they collectively observe this month together; where voluntary contributions take center stage.

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