Sabr x Modest Beyond Sisterhood Gift Box II

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You are a strong woman with a lot to give! Remember that & get your mindset for the day by picking a card at random from this aspirational deck. Real talk, quotes that encourage strength, and gentle reminders that you can! Even share with your girlfriends to pass on the love!

Pomegranate Rouge Woodwick Candle 10oz by Sabr

By introducing scents and notes into our space, we control the energy of our mind and the pace of our environment. This candle features a rich accord opening with a warming blend of fresh pomegranate rouge.

Compact luxury prayer mat by Sabr

The Sabr compact prayer mat was designed for the modern-day lifestyle. Offering a portable alternative to the prayer rug, it was created to accompany you wherever you go. This beautiful & traditional inspired design and comes with a compact travel pouch, making it convenient and easy to slip into your bag when you are on the move. The mat is lightweight, durable, and machine washable. It is easy to carry and keep clean, giving you added peace of mind.

Chiffon hijab by Modest Beyond

Lightweight, Medium thickness, Sheer, super-soft, wrinkle-resistant fabric. This is beyond just a hijab, this hijab is 100% sustainable. Made from 20x recycled plastic bottles. We take the burden off you, let us worry about the sustainability side so you don't have to!

No snag hijab pins by Modest Beyond

Set of 2 unapologetically strong magnetic pins which can be used to secure your hijab, using as an additional button, and even for pinning together loose clothing all without leaving any snags or pinholes.