Behind the scenes with MyRan

Behind the scenes with MyRan

A brand birthed by the poolside, MyRan was inspired by the beauty of the Faraya Mountains where the two friendpreneurs merged their names Myrna & Rania, into a now renowned label, MYRAN. Today, we delve into the lives of My & Ran and the pillars that made MyRan into the staple it is today, an easy-chic wardrobe that is aimed at the stylishly cosmopolitan woman.


  1. In 5 words, please describe your creative process.

    Inspiration. Design. Material. Production. End Product.

  2. What makes your brand unique?

    The sense of detail and flexibility of the materials. MyRan is an ideal and "easy-chic" wardrobe for day and night combining fluidity, beautiful materials and nice details. A slow approach in the design realized in Beirut with heart and desire.

  3. How do you inject your personality into the brand?

    Our label reflects our personality: Myrna and I develop our collection based on our way of thinking, we aim to give back to our clientele how we like to be dressed, make others feel good when wearing MyRan, always keep a cool side of ourselves giving the best of ourselves and our sincerity.

  4. What sparked the idea to launch your brand?

    MyRan was born on the edge of a swimming pool, facing the Faraya mountains, north of Beirut. It is there that the two friends Myrna Bocti and Rania Karam, passionate about women's fashion, decided to launch their own label. Animated as much by the desire to bring a fresh wind to the Lebanese fashion as that of creating a fashion that looks like them - far from the fast fashion and the delirious prices of the luxury brands. They imagine an easy and timeless wardrobe, both playful and sensual.

  5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

    Resolutely positive and lively, we draw our inspiration from our Franco-Lebanese culture. But also travel, cities, nature, women we meet and their lifestyle. Concrete inspirations for a sober and trendy wardrobe, anchored in daily life, in the present.

  6. How do you see the brand evolving over time? What are your key ambitions for growing the MyRan identity?

    Founded 4 years ago in Beirut in March 2017, MyRan offers fashion essentials of today's cosmopolitan woman… We have our private showroom in the heart of the City Beirut, and present in the biggest ABC department store, in Beirut Duty free, in the biggest multibrand store DEPECHE MODE and selling online. MyRan is already selling in France, Monaco, and participating over the years in several PopUps and Exhibitions in Dubai, Amman.

    Today, thanks to its big success in Lebanon, MyRan wishes to establish itself in the UAE and France, convinced that it's chic and relaxed spirit will please the Arab and European woman seeking to distinguish herself

Let's Get Personal

  1. What makes you laugh the most?

    Watching the best movie ever, Rabbi Jacob from Louis de Funes. (RANIA)

  2. What did you want to be when you were young?

    A fashion model! (RANIA)

  3. Who was your first customer?

    Our best friend the day before our first pop up opening.

    What did that encounter teach you?

    The reaction on their faces, that we did a great job. (MYRNA)

  4. What is your favourite thing about your career?

    We love the creation part. The moments were we brainstorm on our future collection mood and feel... Also working through all the steps from fabric choice to design, to production, and finally seeing the final work brings us satisfaction and happiness. (MYRNA)

  5. What is your biggest complaint about your job?

    Our biggest complaint is probably the lack of fabrics available. (MYRNA)

  6. What fictional place would you most like to visit?

    To be transported to the Outlander series, to go back to 1743 to Scotland. (RANIA)

  7. What is your biggest fear?

    Miss on a collection... unsatisfied customers. (MYRNA)

  8. What’s one item you want to own that you don’t?

    Develop a range of easy to wear jewelry. (MYRNA)

  9. What’s the best thing your customers say about your brand? And the worst thing?

    The best thing I heard was: "I'm so proud to tell you that MyRan never leaves my closet in Summer & Winter."
    Worst thing: "It's not my style at all, sorry!"

  10. If your brand was a movie, what would it be and why?

    Pretty Woman! (RANIA)

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