chapter 02: How It Works


Just fill out the application form on the Apply to Sell with Us page on our website with details of your brand including your brand story, catalogues, product images, website and social media pages. We want to know everything about your brand so share as much information as possible, to help us get to know you better.

Wait for us to review and respond

Once we have the information, we will review everything. If we feel that your brand is a good fit, then we will get in touch with you to discuss further specifics.

Join us

As you join our platform, we will sign a contract to get work started. After this the real fun begins - simply set up your account to become an instant shop-owner, start putting up the product images (as per KINZZI photography guidelines), set prices, make sales and get cracking on interacting with your customers.

Sell, deliver and get paid

If you make a sale, we will notify you immediately, so you can initiate the fulfillment process following our packaging guidelines. We suggest you maintain a minimum stock of product every day to ensure optimal inventory management at all times. Once your product has been delivered to the recipient, we will send you a statement to confirm the amount, and following that your payment will be processed.