It’s all about Purse-onality: What color bag should you be carrying based on your birth month?

It’s all about Purse-onality: What color bag should you be carrying based on your birth month?

Birthstones aside, we’ve got the handbag version you never thought you needed.

The anatomy of a woman and her handbag is a mystery unbeknownst to man. Beyond just a place to carry your belongings - if ever a reason - is an outfit staple that can either make or break your look. We’re talking total makeover! You can be dressed in all black and throw in a statement handbag that will earth-shatteringly alter your look!

I have too many handbags, said no woman ever! So we’re taking bag aficionadas up a notch and adding a symbolic bijou to the handbag mix. Birthstone who? We’re introducing a bag for every month - giving a nod to the birthstone color! The mystical nature of each color manifests good fortune and energy to the wearer. So what more does one need for a handbag?

January: Garnet

Harnessing love and friendship is this scarlet garnet color, a hue known to grant strength and safety to the wearer.

February: Amethyst

A regal colour is the Amaethyst. Known for centuries for its purifying properties, this violet colour heightens intuition and cleanses the aura.

March: Aquamarine

Derived from the serenity of the ocean is this calming and soothing colour, historically known to bear good luck to sailors on their voyage.

April: Diamond

A taurean’s best friend, well any girl’s best friend! Diamonds are scintillating and flawless. A clear transparent property is what imparts purity, strength and clarity.

May: Emerald

A representation of Goddess Venus is this Emerald Colour. This beautiful green color is a conveyor of hope and love, a symbol of spiritual awareness and wisdom.

June: Pearl or Alexandrite

A pearl is synonymous with Grandma’s heirloom, exuding purity and elegance to any wearer.

July: Ruby

Ruby is the color of love and passion, derived from the Latin word meaning, red.

August: Peridot

A calming color by nature, (no pun intended), is the lime-green Peridot. A color that is said to shield its owner from negative energies.

September: Sapphire

It is no coincidence that Blue Blood denotes royalty, owing its ties to royal families throughout history. A color cherished for centuries symbolising faithfulness, sincerity and nobility.

October: Tourmaline or Opal

A Greek Derivative of 'Opallios', Opal means seeing a change of color. This hue grants freedom and independence, stimulating optimism and creativity.

November: Topaz or Citrine

This vivid pale yellow color is believed to bestow strength and promote vitality.

December: Turquoise

Refreshing and serene is this bright blue color. Signifying good fortune and spiritual grounding. This color is also believed to protect from evil energies.

So whether you’re a fan of the harmonious relationship between a color and its month, or not.. we can all agree that this will make an incredibly symbolic gift to a loved one… or when treating yourself!

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