What to get your mother based on her favourite colour

What to get your mother based on her favourite colour

Let’s get you thinking outside the box this mother’s day! Who doesn’t know their mother’s favourite color? Oh… you? Not sure of your mom’s favourite hue? Find the meaning you feel best describes as we enter into the power & symbolism of colours!

We've rounded up gifts for every color of the spectrum, that guarantees you a best kid of the year award.


Happiness and optimism stem from the color yellow. It is a cheerful and energetic color and is seen as a color that inspires cheerful enthusiasm and thoughtful curiosity. Whose mother does not radiate happiness and optimism?


The color of strong and powerful energy. If you find that your mother’s powerful energy is something you want to highlight this Mother’s Day, go for red gifts that radiate that same energy.


Orange exudes enthusiasm and emotion, and is considered the color of warmth and joy. It is an optimistically uplifting shade that encourages communication and creativity. What more of a reason do you need to buy your mom an Orange hued gift?


If your mom is a relaxing force in your life, then green is your go-to color. It is the color of harmony and prosperity, giving us hope and sprinkling a little bit of luck along the way leaving us feeling safe and secure.


Just like water, Turquoise is the color of calmness and clarity. It stablises emotions and emits empathy and compassion. Most mothers give us a sense of calming peace, creating a path to spiritual growth.


Regal and luxurious is the color purple. We think we’ll stop there.


The color of love and compassion, full of sympathy and acceptance. Just like a mother, it is a friendly and playful spirit that nurtures and calms, the color of joy - and most often than not a femininte and intuitive color.


Much like the earth, Brown is often seen as solid, synonymous with stability and staying grounded. While it may not be your mom’s favourite color, we can assure you she owns at least 5 brown items - the attributes of it point towards resilience, security and wisdom.


We know you wouldn’t want to bear a black gift on Mother’s Day, but if her favourite color is black, it is the color of power and sophistication. A strong and intimidating hue that exudes authority and protection. Look no further than black diamonds!


White is associated with purity and innocence, a true balance of all colors. It promotes open-mindedness and self-reflection… just like a mother does. We feel White is the perfect hue for a Mother’s Day gift.

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