5 ways to stop stressing out: You won’t believe the one thing they have in common!

5 ways to stop stressing out: You won’t believe the one thing they have in common!

The one thing you should be doing to reduce stress is...



A buzzword in the wellness world, Adaptogens have been used to combat stress over several millennia. They are botanicals, herbs, berries, roots and mushrooms that aid the body’s natural ability to cope with emotional, physical and environmental stress. Enter Natalia, a woman who has taken matters in her own hands, channeling two roots: her great great grandmother who was a herbalist and actual plant roots- to her route (pun intended) to healing. A decade in the making, Natalia Botanicals was the result of the marriage of these herbs with the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine teachings.

They work specifically with the endocrine, neuroendocrine and immune systems and adapt to each person’s unique needs while protecting the mind and body from the effects of stress which ultimately promote equilibrium. Natalia blended and blended until she created a range of elixirs fit for every need.

Craving some stillness in your life? Hola at the Serene Goddess, which restores your calm! The adaptogens in this call upon your sacred feminine energy and nurtures your soul with meditative stillness, patience and focus. Achieve balance and mindfulness with each dose.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Perfect for that moody day is ‘Eternal Optimist’, the Mood Enhancer! Promoting positivity, natural energy, and illuminating bliss, whilst keeping emotional and physical stress at bay. Add a dose to your favourite beverage to fill your heart with euphoric liquid Savasana.

Layer those gorgeous swimsuits with a wrap-up by Villa Yasmine, Poolside Pants by HAI Swimwear, or channel your inner Boho Chic with a stylish Kimono. We Need that push of motivation but can’t find it? Our go-to is the Goal Digger, which enhances creativity, mental focus and physical stamina whilst remaining poised and radiant. Even Vogue couldn’t resist it! Add a dose to get your creative juices flowing!

When we’re feeling under the weather, we request the Shiva Strength Immunity Booster. It’s filled with antioxidants which protect the immunity and enhance vitality. It cleanses your mind, body and soul of stress-induced inflammation.

Fall asleep to the rhythm of Sleepy Soul, the antigen that renews and rejuvenates your tissues and massages the nerve cells for optimal relaxation. As seen in Yoga Magazine, Sleepy Soul encourages stress-free, deep sleep!

Need a hand digesting? Gut-brain adaptogens help soothe digestion for optimum health. Each dose lowers cortisol levels and takes the pressure off of your digestive system and mind.

Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Wishing for a sprinkle of beauty, love, immunity, serenity and balance? We present to you Celestial Waves, which includes a selection of 5 blends into 15 on the go sachets. Indecisiveness no more!

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