This One is For The Women

This One is For The Women

This one is for the women; for the women who believed they are strong and empowered enough to build a brand from scratch, and impart their stories through it. This is for the mothers turned entrepreneurs who took the chance to pursue their dreams and level the playing field.

This is for the phenomenal women who chose to transcend all societal boundaries and take center stage.

This is for our Kinzzi Heroines, who we take pride in presenting and representing as part of our femme success.

With two legendary women spearheading the pack, it comes as no surprise that Kinzzi is a space that manifests the role of the successful woman. These mompreneurs paved the way for independent businesses to relay their stories through the pieces they sell at Kinzzi. They strive to bring a voice to the artisan, the story-teller, the maker - most of which are female creators ready to take the world by storm. They strive to unveil the unsung heroines of our nation, those making a difference in their families and their communities. They celebrate artisans from challenged backgrounds, who thrive on showcasing craft above profit, where social impact supersedes revenue; such is Souk Baladna, a Microfund for Women initiative, Asta Lifestyle, Madeena The Doll and many more. 

While sourcing an exceptional collection of treasures, Kinzzi draws on the story behind the brand. The inspiration, the fire that ignited the idea. This is why we at Kinzzi are so fixated on the behind the scenes: the hows, the whys, the challenges and how they’ve been overcome – to be inspired and inspire the female generations to come. We delve beyond the brand and into the SHE behind it, only to discover that the SHE has become the story - a story that Kinzzi is proud to narrate.

Today, like everyday at Kinzzi, we celebrate female-owned businesses, from handmade mastery to entrepreneurial prowess.

Today, we proudly roar a Happy International Women’s Day to the inspiring female legends of Kinzzi, of the region, and of the world.

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