Our New Year’s Resolution? Two words - Self Care!

Our New Year’s Resolution? Two words - Self Care!

We haven’t witnessed the influx of ‘new year new me’ this January, a custom corresponding to this time of year. If we learned anything from 2020, it was to ease into 2021 at a slower pace. Last year reminded us that our body is our temple, so this year we’re dropping all the conventional resolutions and revolutionizing the rules of society to focus on the most significant one, self-care intentions.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Incorporating meditation into your routine could take just 15-20 minutes of your day. Yoga practice is a great form of healing through self discovery and acceptance, aligning yourself to the universal rhythm. Spend time on the Prickly Pear Yoga Mats and manifest your inner Tranquil, Power, Truth, Vision or Ambition. Exhale self judgement, inhale self love.

  1. Stimulate your senses

Activate your senses to trigger internal self-care. Engaging your sense of smell can be a life changer. A simple and relaxing feat can take care of that, burn scented candles for an ambience and atmosphere that cannot be replicated. Candles promote relaxation and induce calmness: lavender is known for easing the mind, the rose scent fights anxiety, and vanilla candles evoke feelings of warmth and happiness, and contribute to improving sleep quality. If by some rarity you are not a fan of candles, you can aromatise your surroundings with an incense to create a magical, whimsical escape.

  1. A good night’s sleep

Cultivate your mental wellness with a good night’s sleep. This year, focus on improving your sleep habits and you’ll reap benefits that are far too many to count. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night and stick to a sleeping schedule that will regulate your body’s internal clock. Invest in quality silk or flax linen bedding, and lay your head to rest with the utmost tranquility.

Fun Fact: Did you know sleeping on a silk pillowcase is the secret behind a glowing face? It retains moisture and allows our skin to stay hydrated, it’s also hypoallergenic – which makes it naturally resistant to dust mites, fungus and mold, as well as reduces chemical exposure. Our face is not the only beneficiary, it also has hair perks! It prevents split ends and hair breakage, and keeps your bed head under control by eliminating fizz. Bottom Line: Add To Cart!

  1. Hydrate with Crystal Infused H2O

Don’t just hydrate with normal water, we have to thank Miranda Kerr for introducing crystal infused water into our lives. Have you ever thought of adding wellness into your water bottle? Water infused through a crystal quartz stone, which is meant to promote positive vibrations and emotional healing, is said to aid in clearing space and aligning with one’s true purpose. What an easy self-care remedy, and we have Prickly Pear to thank!

  1. Reflect and celebrate

Reflect and celebrate your achievements, no matter how little - and slowly plan on making your future ambitions happen. Not just that, jotting in a notebook is an excellent form of stress relief, it alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed and enhances productivity. Keep track of your life with the Prickly Pear Notebook, don’t just jot in your diet and exercise plans; remind yourself to breathe in fresh air and spend time outdoors to catch up on your Vitamin D!

  1. Declutter your space

Organising your space will declutter your mind. Having a lot of clutter laying around has psychological roots, it leads to an increase in stress and anxiety. Make your living space habitable by organising your belongings neatly in baskets, doing this will enable you to accomplish so much more during your day.

  1. A pampered body is a happy soul

Rejuvenating your body will awaken your spiritual and emotional aura. Pampering your body with these hacks will give you the self-care boost you’re looking for! Enjoy a good relaxing soak with a Fleur Body Oil for a better night’s sleep. Scrub your stress away with a Sugar or Coffee scrub and top it off with body butter for soft moisturised skin. Moisturising is not just for your skin, deep condition your locks with hair oil and a root scalp scrub. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget your face! Steam your face with a warm wash cloth and apply a sandalwood magic mud face mask to start glowing in no time!

  1. Practice Gratitude

2020 reminded us to never take anything for granted. Incorporating gratitude into your lifestyle will lead to happiness, optimism and a hopeful future. It allows us to connect to a higher power and express more compassion and kindness. These contemporary prayer mats are lightweight, durable and easily mobile - giving you the peace of mind you’re looking for!

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