Meet Rasha & Dana, Co-Founders of Kinzzi

Meet Rasha & Dana, Co-Founders of Kinzzi



One might say we are a partnership of "balance." Similar, yet so different, KINZZI is the place of commonality between us. Dubai-based and avid travellers, we have been friends for more than 20 years and have always shared a passion for travel, fashion, interiors and art, but most importantly - LIFE. We favor opportunities to wander aimlessly down quaint lanes – seeking, without guides or destination, stumbling upon objects with soul & a story from local markets and boutiques. Getting all our finds back, safe and sound is like bringing a little piece of our visit back home to share with our family and friends.

We longed to create a collective space, a "curated marketplace" for independent brands, unique finds and one of a kind products that could be easily accessible to a like-minded, stylish yet ethically and environmentally conscious community.

KINZZI is an Arabic word meaning "my treasure"; which is very valuable, unique and one of a kind. A word that describes perfectly our mission. KINZZI is our way of sharing these products and their stories with you. While KINZZI is a marketplace of curated & hand-selected products, it is far more than that: it is a place to connect, collaborate and support artisans and creativepreneurs. KINZZI is a creative platform to inspire and be inspired by.




Rooted in self-expression and individuality, we are strong proponents of bringing great talent, heartfelt stories and exceptional products to the forefront.

We are channelling a movement geared towards banishing the banal while unveiling some very special discoveries along the way.

Our ethos is two-fold: to empower and inspire. We thrive in the collective and lead with our tribe in the forefront. Our values are the soul of KINZZI:

1. Be part of our community.
2. Embrace creativity.
3. Be you, be happy.
4. Connect and grow.
5. Lead the way.
6. Have fun.

We can't wait to share our treasures with you.


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