Behind the Scenes with Felventura

Behind the Scenes with Felventura

Founded in Dubai, the cosmopolitan city of the Middle East known for offering 365 days of sun a year, Felventura is a unique swimwear label that all fashion conscious men adore.

The brains behind the brand include Ghady, a Lebanese corporate professional and Roberto, an Italian entrepreneur. This unique and ambitious duo joined together their love for fashion and their desire to uncover special designs currently absent in the swimwear market. With this focus in mind, Felventura was born. The name intertwines two Italian words that represent the core of their identity: Felice (happy) and Avventura (adventure).


The Kinzzi team interviewed the duo designers and went behind the scenes to learn more about their brand and creative process. Here's what they had to say:


  1. In 5 words, please describe your creative process.

    Conceptual, Edgy, Aspirational,Trendy, Comfortable

  2. What makes Felventura unique?

    Felventura combines uniqueness of designs with top notch quality that fits all tastes and ensures that our customers standout in the crowd.

  3. How do you bring your personalities to the brand?

    We have as many similarities as differences in our characters, we combine all the right ingredients for a successful partnership. Ghady brings the business knowledge as well as strong passion for fashion and design while Roberto brings a background in PR and customer excellence.

    In summary we have put together two creative minds to come up with the unique designs and concept of Felventura.

  4. What sparked the idea to launch Felventura?

    Our love for the region and our passion for fashion, beach and summer inspired us to come up with a swimwear label that does not focus on catchy patterns but offers expressive and concept based designs using the highest quality of materials sourced from the north of Italy.

    We spent 4 months travelling through Italy to source the best quality of materials and suppliers. It was not only eye opening in terms of fashion and business but also great for our waistlines :) It was a happy adventure that we embarked on and so the name Felventura, deriving from two Italian words: Felice (Happy) and Avventura (Adventure) was born.

  5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

    We get inspired from almost everything around us, trees, leaves, nature, stories, history, feelings, arts.

  6. How do you see the brand evolving over time? What are your key ambitions for growing the Felventura identity?

    We have focused on delivering outstanding swimwear collections at the best qualities in the last two years. In the coming seasons, we plan to expand our collections to cover shirts, shorts, towels and other beach accessories. We aim to always be innovative and make sure our designs are distinguished from other brands in the market to reflect our own identity while maintaining a premium quality for all of our products.

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