Welcome to Kinzzi... 

...an online social marketplace offering a unique curation of hidden gems, enabling inspired living. We are a passionate community seeking to empower by bringing great talent, heartfelt stories and exceptional products to the forefront. Serving up a wide variety of fashion essentials, homeware, bespoke originals and more, we are channeling a movement geared towards banishing the ordinary while unveiling some very special discoveries along the way. 

KINZZI aims to... 

[Highlight] ...bring the artist to the forefront. We want to celebrate unique ideas and allow talent to thrive without any restraint. We are dedicated to bringing together emerging and established creatives with diverse skillsets and providing them with a platform that strips away the fluff, brings the focus back to the craft, and connects them to the audience they deserve. 

[Curate] ...be a one-stop destination for unique treasures from around the world. We are committed to unearthing covert gems in the form of products and skill. To this end, we go to great lengths to source quality, originality and function above everything else, curating our best discoveries in talent and merchandise under the KINZZI umbrella. 

[Connect] ...subscribe to a world of human connections and encourage active collaboration. We are providing a digital platform that nurtures creativity through collusion, inspiring new ideas by working together. We believe in the power of the collective over the individual and give our community the opportunity to create unique alliances with a diverse mix of talent from different spheres, all in one place. 

[Equip] ...be a resource hub. We are scouring the globe for the finest across all categories such as photography, design, ceramics, textile and more, bringing them together onto one platform. Our primary goal is to foster a robust network that makes your search for collaborations easier, faster and more effective. 

[Give Back] ...support the artisan community and promote ethical consumerism. Our philosophy is focused on the intersection of fair trade, sustainability, giving back to the community and honing craft. We are invested in empowering the artisan and are always on the lookout for social enterprises and other organizations that partner with them, ensuring we carry their products to do our little bit in helping them improve their lives.