Solid Sound Concrete Speaker

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What happens when you combine immaculate patina finish design, curved concrete perfection, and a whole lot of style?

Our SolidSound Concrete Bluetooth Speaker. 

The SolidSound speaker can be used as a substitute for flooring material and is appreciated for its raw beauty.

It contains a nice and cool underfoot which is wonderful if you live in a warm climate. Furthermore, it has a texture and variation that gives it a special warmth all its own.

The stand design is inspired by the Dubai RTA bus station. Patina finishes is a traditional technique to treat metal and achieve various colors and textures to enhance the beauty of metal parts. 


✔ Zero Vibrations result in a higher quality of sound!
✔ Most Aesthetic Speaker you’ll ever come across! 
✔ 8 hours of listening time, perfect for on-the-go music sessions! 
✔ Unrivaled Acoustic Quality resulting in a surround sound effect


The electronics work side by side with the concrete to truly bless your ears, you’ll experience zero resonation meaning you can listen to your favorite tunes for hours on end!

So not only is the audio quality crisp, but it also looks absolutely beautiful! 


  • Music playing time (hrs) 8
  • Output power (W)2 x 15
  • Dimensions (cm)25 x 10