Marble Octahedron Plant Pot

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The Galaxy Collection offers a wide range of beautiful marble-finish shades, the perfect addition to any home decor

The octahedron is associated with air and cultivating acceptance and compassion.

It symbolizes the element of air. It is linked to the Heart Chakra; the center for love, compassion & our spiritual nature. This chakra is where we access our healing and nurturing aspects. The shape of the Octahedron symbolizes reflection, compassion, and healing.

Resting on a point, it signifies the careful balance of multiple forces, this shape is perfect for your mini cacti and succulents!

  • Modern style and classic elegance can both be yours when you make this lovely artistic marble plant pot a part of your home or patio
  • This contemporary art-piece is also perfect to showcase unique and rare plants
  • Ideal size for ferns live plants, moss, succulent, air plants, cacti, or other plants with easy maintenance
  • Made of a gypsum-based material and formulated liquid, which acts as a water-based and non-toxic environmentally friendly substitute to traditional resin materials
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • Size: 10x12cm with a 8.5x6cm diameter
  • Handmade in UAE

**This planter DOES NOT come with a drainage hole. Please put in the notes section at checkout if you would like a drainage hole added.

*All our products are handmade, so colors and textures may vary, expect a little roughness and variations to each piece. Each planter is sealed with a durable, wipeable, and water-resistant sealer.

*The same professional gloss Medium & Varnish that artists use to their canvas art is applied to all our pots and planters.

*We use products like "Liquitex" It's UV protected, Water-based & eco-friendly material. All pots are sealed and ready for planting.