New Mama Affirmation Cards - Set of 20

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Our New Mum Motherhood Affirmation Cards hold uplifting messages to affirm the new mom, remind her she is rocking motherhood, and empower her to have a positive postpartum experience.

Instead of tips on how to get baby to sleep through the night, she will be reminded that she is a wonderful mom, and her baby loves her
Instead of questioning her feeding choices, she will be reminded that motherhood is not a competition, and she is bonding more with her baby every day
Instead of telling her how to lose the baby weight, she will be reminded her body is amazing for birthing, nourishing, and protecting her baby
Instead of telling her how she should mother, she will be reminded she is free to be the kind of mother she wants to be without anyone else’s permission
How do affirmation cards work?
Our inner voice has incredible power over how we experience life every day. When the messages we feed ourselves are positive and affirming, we are more confident, happy, and calm when facing challenges that come our way. Many mums have relied on birth affirmations to help them manage labor and build confidence that their bodies can handle childbirth. The New Mama Affirmations work similarly for the postpartum period, helping new moms build confidence in their own intuition as they navigate the first few months with baby.

How to make the most out of the cards?

Place cards wherever you’ll see them often, like by your favorite feeding nook, on your bathroom mirror, by the baby’s changing table, on the fridge door, or by your bed
Choose one card each morning to focus on and to set the tone for the day
Share your favorite affirmations with mum friends to spread the love and support
These beautiful 4 x 6-inch cards come packaged in a muslin drawstring bag making them a perfect gift. All sets are printed on a high-quality 350GSM silk card with rounded edges. Cards are water and rip-resistant. You can wipe clean as needed. Meant to withstand motherhood!

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