Cocktail Gray/Purple Eye Glass

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EYE CANDY Cocktail Glass is mouth-blown glassware made to suit different styles of interiors. Each piece is not identical to the other due to the nature of the craft.

  • Cocktail Glass Material: Borosilicate (Pyrex)
  • Glass Color: Grey/Purple
  • It can withstand high and low heat temperatures
  • Cocktail Glass Size: Width: 3 inch (7.5cm) Diameter, Height: 4 inch (10cm)
  • Product packaging: Styrofoam + color box

The Story of Eye Candy:

This process reminded the designer of blowing bubble gum a child and the final configuration of the blown rounded shapes replicated the shape of an eyeball which later resulted in the design and inspired her to create their whimsical collection of colorful candy-like glassware for practical use.