Gray White Serving Bowl (XS)

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Decorate your home with these handmade, one-of-a-kind, artistic serving bowls. Which is left in natural color on the outside, combined with white on the inside and underside. The white glaze drips down on the outside of the rim, also little bronze/goldish accents used in the front. Add an artistic flair with these bowls to your dining table, kitchen, or coffee table. This product is made with food-safe glaze (apart from the bronze/goldish glaze used in the front) and is suitable to serve/eat warm or cold foods. The clay which the serving plates are formed out of is imported from Europe.

  • Grey, White, and Bronze-Goldish Bowl
  • Bowl dimension: 10x10x4.5
  • Bowl weight: 251g

NOTE: Not microwave-safe, not dishwasher-safe, recommended to wash by hand with lukewarm water and dish soap