The Queen's Thobe Art Print

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Telhami dress or the queen’s thobe (gown) is an authentic dress deeply rooted in the Palestinian heritage which characterised the Canaanite queens of Palestine. Mostly striped with reddish brown stripes while overlapping bright satin pieces sits in the middle part of it. Velour fabric is prominent at the chest with its fiery reddish and/or orange reddish colour embroidered with embossed threads taking circular shapes and using radiant colours made from gold or silver during those glamorous times. In the middle of each of the circular shapes sits a prominent piece of jewellery reflecting the importance of the queen wearing them, such as Emerald or Ruby. The rest of the gown’s parts are rich in embroideries with different types of drawings signifying the areas under the rule of the Canaanite Queen.

Rand Dabboor aims to save and present Palestine's heritage in a modern and refreshing take. Her colofrul and vibrant pop-art gives these vintage photos a playful make-over.

Available Unframed.

Prints Dimensions:

  • A5: 15 x 21 cm
  • A4: 21 x 30 cm
  • A3: 30 x 42 cm

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of these archival photos, some elements might appear slightly pixelated in larger formats.