Kamsa Terracota Wayuu Bag

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Our Najash Pieces Have a Special connotation, the mix of two different artisans' techniques of Colombian Indigenous, that understand each other just because they believe in magic.

This Treasure was Made by an indigenous artisan in the northeast of Colombia, La Guajira, Inspire by ancient techniques and passes down over millions of years.
The Strap is made by artisans from the Southwest of Colombia, Sibundoy Putumayo, Indigenous Community KAMENTSA, their territory is called BËNGE WÄMAN, which translates “ Our sacred place of origins“. Enjoy your TREASURE and support this community by Taking Your unique handmade Piece.

Love your treasure, take it with you and contribute to the socio-economic development of these communities.

  • Width: 28 cm, Length: 30 cm, Plate: 17X17
  • Strip: Width: 6cm, Length: 90-105cm
  • Made in Columbia