Brulee Beauty Shade 4 BB Concealer

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This easy-to-apply concealer is the first to contain 30% pure pigment without talc. A blend of powders and elastomer provides high, lightweight coverage that hugs your complexion for a seamless, second-skin finish. Contains Vitamin E and hyaluronate for long-lasting effects. Light reflective powders in the concealer give the under-eye area a radiant and luminous glow.

How to use:

Apply to the under-eye area to eliminate dark circles or to any other area that needs a little extra help. Best applied with your finger or a wet sponge. Make sure the under-eye is moisturized before application. Give the inner corner of your eye a bit more love, the circles are the darkest over there.

Why BB Concealer?

  • Highly Pigmented - The first concealer to have 30% of pure pigment (without talc). Treated pigment with a Lauroyl Lysine coating, they have a very good skin affinity and adhesion, smooth feel, and a good water repellency.
  • Film Former - For lasting properties, elasticity, and flexibility of the formula onto the skin.
  • Blend of Powders and Elastomer - Spherical powders to give spreadability and easy gliding upon application. The blend of spherical powders combined with the elastomer gives a smooth feeling and adds suppleness to the skin.
  • Unique Emollient for Extreme Hydration - Makes sure the skin is never dry, but hydrated for a longer period of time.
  • Luminous Powder - A light-reflective powder that gives the under-eye a radiant and luminous aspect.

Paraben-free • Talc-free • D5 free • Alcohol-free • EDTA-free • Phenoxyethanol free • Fragrance-free.