How did we start? From scratch you could say. What started as a spontaneous idea, developed into what it is today.

We are Dubai based with a shared passion for travel, fashion, interiors and art but most importantly LIFE. We love traveling and welcome opportunities to wander aimlessly down quaint lanes – without a guide or destination, just to stumble upon objects with a soul & story from local markets and boutiques. Getting all our finds back, safe and sound; it’s like bringing a little piece of our visit back home to share with our family and friends.
We wanted to create a curated marketplace for independent brands, as we believe that these types of unique finds should be accessible to a like-minded, stylish yet ethically and environmentally conscious community. Kinzzi is an Arabic word meaning “my treasure”. That which is very valuable, unique and one of a kind. Kinzzi is our way of sharing these products and stories with you.


We have been friends for over 20 years and are so similar yet so different. We balance one another’s weaknesses and we boost each other’s strengths, constantly coming up with different ideas, wanting to connect people to collaborate and to support artisan & creativepreneurs. We decided to go for it, to design a place where we could pour our creative energy into along with all our passions for interiors, arts, fashion, writing, and more - That’s when Kinzzi was born! A creative hub connecting artists, supporting artisan and creativepreneurs, a platform for all those looking to be inspired and to inspire.