Sabr 'Min Houna' Coloured, Pocket Prayer Mat - Foldable, Ultra-lightweight Prayer Mat, Machine Washable, W/ Carry Pouch

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Named after the famous Darwish poem, the ‘Min Houna / From Here’ mat encapsulates various iconic symbols. The fishing net and olive leave pattern typically found on the keffiyeh, the native poppy and the watermelon, which has recently been reignited as a symbol of resistance. Various cultural symbols intertwine in unison within the harmonious structure of the dome. 100% of the proceeds of sales for the ‘Min Houna’ mat will go to the PCRF. The Pocket prayer mat was created to stay by your side, everywhere you go. It is made with water-resistant fabric that is soft to the touch and easy to fold. Complete with a convenient pocket pouch that features a unique matching design, it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The pocket prayer mat is a great staple to have handy whenever you need it, the perfect size to keep in your bag or briefcase at all times. Ultra-lightweight, durable and machine washable, the Sabr pocket prayer mat is exceptionally easy to travel with and keep clean, giving you added peace of mind.

When you are ready to wash your mat, simply place it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle below 45 degrees and air dry. It will be fresh and ready in no time!

Materials:100% Polyester

Product Dimensions: 60 x 114cm mat, 12 x 16 cm pouch