Light Fog Shawl-Etola - Powder Pink

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Soft scarf made special for you.

By wearing it you will feel a wonderful touch of tenderness. You won't want to take it off and it will also provide warmth and comfort.

  • Polish product, handmade.
  • Created on a manual machine by craftsmen in Warmia.
  • Made of the highest quality yarn (does not bite, pleasant to touch, skin-friendly).
  • Friendly to our planet - we do not use electricity or generate waste in production (we use the raw materials until the end).
  • Scarves are light and airy, but they are warm, you can use them in different ways: as etola, a cape, a classic shawl, a hood.
  • Length : 160 cm
  • Width : 80 cm

Composition: 20% wool, 20% cotton, 20% viscose, 40% acrylic